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  • Battlefield V's players have a lot of dissatisfaction with Battlefield V Game

    Tempo: Sep. 26, 2019

    The Battlefield game series worked very well for a while, thanks to Battlefield 1, which far exceeded its main competitor, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and quickly became a fan favorite. At a time when players wanted to stand out from all defensive shooters in space, EA launched a game that is played in World War I and Activision, a game that is played in space. Therefore, of course, the players chose Battlefield 1 against COD Infinite Warfare. EA hoped to keep up with Battlefield V, but that was not the case, since the game was very controversial.

    When Battlefield V is compared to Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and GTA V in terms of Google search, Battlefield V is the worst. This problem also occurs when you try to enter a multiplayer game in Battlefield V. Although the game was released less than a year ago, it can take a few minutes to move to a multiplayer game, especially if you want to play "Firestorm." or one of the other unpopular multiplayer modes.

    At the launch of Battlefield V, the game was hated by players around the world. The Battlefield series is known for producing historically accurate games. In the advance of the revelation, some female soldiers fought during World War II, some players were angry with EA because they had sacrificed historical precision in favor of "liberal propaganda." The other problem was that EA had strongly boosted the "Firestorm" mode of Battlefield V in Battle Royale, but when EA launched it, players were very disappointed to discover that Firestorm had been delayed for four months. That is what led players to hate Battlefield V even more.

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